About us

Waka Campa is a boutique campervans rental agency based in New Zealand.
Our vehicles are designed to offer freedom for your travels around the country.

Our locations

We are near the top two international airports of Aotearoa New Zealand: Auckland in the North Island and Christchurch in the South Island.
We offer one-way rentals between our two locations.


36 Richard Pearse Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022


25 Logistics Drive, Harewood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

Why we started

A few years ago when renting a camper ourselves, we found the whole process unnecessarily long and complicated. Waiting in queues, doing paperwork on actual paper, waiting for a walk-through of the vehicle after a long flight... it was daunting and we felt like we were stuck in yesteryear.

All we wanted was to get going on our travel, and not waste any precious holiday time.

Our story

To explore Aotearoa New Zealand, all you need is time and a Waka (Maori word for canoe, or any vehicle in a broader sense).

That's why we decided to create a simple and efficient experience for visitors to our shores, using an innovative process: We provide the Waka, while not wasting your time!

Simplicity drives our business - we make rentals simple and straightforward.

What makes us different?

Our simplified service makes the whole rental process very streamlined and puts you in control.


Flexible access 24/7

We use a self pick-up and drop-off system accessible 24/7. All you need is a smartphone.


Certified self contained

All our vehicles are certified self contained, under the latest regulation. So you are able to go freedom camping!


FREE Airport shuttle

Available to and from Auckland and Christchurch Airports.

Roadside Assistance

Provided by the NZ Automobile Association and available 24/7, anywhere in the country.

Fuel discount

8 cents off per litre of fuel at Mobil Petrol stations. Just scan the provided key tag at checkout.


Access online video guides anytime before and during your travels. Support available via Phone and WhatsApp too.